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JTK Tripleshot Keycaps

  • By Anelya Grant

JTK Tripleshot Keycaps

Hi all,


We would like to spend this whole blog post to talk about these brand new tripleshots keycaps from JTK.


Yes, you hear it right, it's tripleshot: THREE different colors are molded into one single keycap. This means that you could have a sublegend that has a different color from the Latin legend and it will never, ever, fade.

We receive the injection samples from JTK some time ago and the prototypes really impressed us. JTK only injected the keys with tripleshot legends and since these are just for prototyping, JTK used leftover plastics to make them. These colors will NOT reflect that of the final product. Here are some pictures taken:

Logitech Craft is not MECHANICAL, but nevertheless a phenomenal keyboard.

They are indeed stunning. Not only the sublegends. The legends are also received some minor modification - not something you could easily tell but definitely something you could notice. We also pointed out some other legends issues to JTK, and they will be fixing them: 1u alt, ctrl, fn and \| key will be revised to be left aligned. 1u Win8 key will also be fixed. (These changes will also effect on Arctic and HyperFuse)


The first few sets we have in mind for the tripleshot with Cyrillic sublegends are definitely be the BoW and WoB with Red Cyrillic legends. Simple, elegant, classic. Black and white works so well with so many keyboards. And the red Cyrillic will pop off nicely on the black or white background.


Speaking of colors, the white and red for this set will all be custom made. JTK will not be using the white from the previous sets (red on white, orange on white, purple on white etc..) nor the red from the red on white and red on black set. And no, not the white from Hana as well.


The white we chosen will be somewhere in between GMK's WS1 and L9, which will have a bit beige, perfect for modern or vintage builds. The red will be more saturated, brighter and purer. Hopefully we will see the injected samples with these colors during the GB stage.


For the sake science, I cut a key opened, filed the rough cutting edges and revealed the inner structure. 


Making tripleshot molds are expensive, so please consider this not only a product of the tripleshot molding technique, but also the very dedication of JTK and their love of keycaps.


This is only a beginning. If Cyrillic performs well, we will hopefully see more variants of sublegends in the near future!


Currently we do have something really cool in mind!


I will do a run down for the project status next week, you will be seeing huge update on Elemento. And hopefully, we will be able to ship more keycaps out next week!


Hope you enjoy, 




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