Project Updates

Project Updates (Jan 30, 2020)

  • By Anelya Grant

Project Updates (Jan 30, 2020)

Project Updates (Jan 30, 2020)

Happy New Year!


As you might know from the recent news, there is an outbreak of coronavirus in China.

In order to fight the disease, public health and government officials (Shanghai) decided to extend the public holiday to Feb 9, 2020 for all non-government and non-public-infrastructure organizations.

This means that we are, legally speaking, not allowed to be go back to our office / warehouse until Feb 10, 2020.

We also talked to our representative at DHL Shanghai, and they will follow the same regulation. The local DHL will be back on Feb 10, 2020.

Unfortunately this means that we will not be able to ship and fulfill orders until Feb 10 or 11. We are sorry for the delay!

Please understand the current situation and we will do our best to fulfill your order once we are back in business!



We will be working at home starting tomorrow!

Customer support will be back in service starting Jan 31th. We have many emails to go through so please be patient.

However, since we will not be able to access some public services (e.g. shipping) and our warehouse during this period, we will not be able to provide immediately support on some requests. Please understand.


The outbreak is mainly affecting Mainland China, but there are sporadic case reports in other countries. So please stay safe!

All zFrontier staffs are safe and healthy and we wish you the same!

You can follow the situation via WHO's official page:


Ongoing Projects

Shipping Soon:

GMK Olive / GMK Handarbeit

We will receive the batch once the holiday ends. They are now in the customs and have been cleared.


GMK Wavez

Sorry for the wait on this one! Replacement keys will be here soon after the holidays.


GMK VoC / GMK Dots / GMK Vaporwave / GMK Night Runner

Do expect shipping for these sets around March.


DSA Magic Girl

Delayed due to mismanagement of the supplier. They shipped our batch to the US by mistake. Do expect shipping in mid to late Feb.



We expect to fulfill your order in mid to late Feb. Sorry for the delay!


The Red Comet

Shipping right after the holidays!



JTK Classic FC - Hiragana Tripleshot

KAT Oasis

KAT Lucky Jade

Coming soon!


KAM Wraith

Now Live!


GMK Darling

Now Live! Sorry for the technical issue rendering it not being able to be purchased in prior days, it's been fixed.


KAT Lich

GMK Dark

Ending soon!


GMK Metaverse 2

GMK Copper

KAT Drifter

KAT Specimen



GMK Shark bait / ASCII / Ursa / Olivia++ / Greek Beige / Alter / Analog Dreams / DMG R2

KAM Little Pilot


SP-111 (Keyboard kit)

Orders submitted, awaiting production



KAT Milkshake

Due to recent holiday extension, production will be affected. We will confirm with Keyreative after the holiday ends.


KAT Eternal

Round 2 samples shipped to designer. Awaiting color confirmation



GMK Fro.yo

Seems to be heavily delayed. ETA is in May.



In production.


Morgrie RIE Low-Profile

All units are here, awaiting documents and approvals for air shipment. The device has lithium batteries in it so we need extra steps before shipping. Sorry for the wait.

Still waiting on the final documents to hit. The labs running the safety certification tests are a bit slow. Hopefully we can have them ready to ship before Christmas.


Fr87 by Elemento

Working on a PCB replacement for all orders. 



Orange Wristrests

Still waiting on Orange to fulfill our orders.




Keycap inventory releases:

  • SP SA Mechanist
  • GMK Olive
  • GMK Handarbeit
  • GMK Wavez

     Keyboard inventory releases:

    • Morgrie Low Profile
    • Inventory / B stock keyboard sets from warehouse


    Best Regards,

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