Project Updates

Project Updates (July 8th, 2019)

  • By Anelya Grant

Project Updates (July 8th, 2019)

Project Updates (July 8th, 2019)

Ongoing Projects


GMK Handarbeit, GMK Dots, GMK Vaporwave

Accepting orders.


DSA Magic Girl

Accepting orders.


Keyreative KAM Starry Night

Fulfilled. Start dealing with aftersales/replacement requests this week.


JTK Arctic, JTK HyperFuse, JTK Tripleshot  

Slight delay. Currently sorting. Expect to ship them out in mid July.

Sorting schedule: TS → Arctic → HF


GMK Shoko

Enroute to our Chinese warehouse.


GMK Calm Depths

All orders fulfilled.


GMK Minimal, Bento, Wavez, Striker, Metropolis, Olive

Orders submitted. Awaiting production.



Under production


SA Symbiosis 2.0, VoC

Awaiting production.


SA Bubble, DSA Scientific

In production.


DSA Galactic Empire

All orders fulfilled.




Accepting orders.


Morgrie RIE Low-Profile

Delayed. Kailh delayed the fulfillment for Morgrie's low profile switch order, which should have been done in early June. Morgrie received the switches last week and is now assembling the keyboards. Expecting fulfillment in mid to late July.


Durgod x zFrontier ZF71



Aurora 96

Still waiting for the remaining units to arrive :(


Fr87 by Elemento

All orders fulfilled as of July 4th. We will begin to address some known issues and deal with aftersales issues starting this week. You should be receiving an email update within this week.


We will fulfill the remaining orders and remaining replacement requests in mid July.


Kira Pad

We should have Kira Pads ready mid July.


Grid600 by grid

We will finish shipping all remaining orders this week.


Typewriter 68

We shipped out as many as we could. Most orders are still being fixed. If your have not received an invoice or email regarding your order, this means that yours is not ready. Shipping ETA: early to mid July.



Orange Wristrests

Unfortunately, Orange's mother passed away. This leads to another delay. :( We are still in contact with Orange and will follow up on the project as soon as he recovers.


The Red Comet

Under production. ETA: late July or early August.




  • JTK AJ (Red / Black / White Combo)
  • JTK 9009
  • JTK Red on White Cola V3
  • JTK Yolch
  • JTK Red Riot


  • Morgan 40

In Development...

Store and service:

Store upgrade and communication channel upgrade was supposed to happen in June :( We will release our new storefront and discord channel in July.



KAM Projects - Wraith, Classic Space, Starry Night R3 and more!

KAT Projects - Specimen and more!

Keyreative ABS series - more designs and options incoming!


Best Regards,


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