Project Updates

Project Updates (Nov 15-20th, 2019)

  • By Anelya Grant

Project Updates (Nov 15-20th, 2019)

Project Updates (Nov 15-20th, 2019)

Shipping Announcement:

We upgraded to a much faster shipping route for GMK sets to ship to China! This will effectively shorten the transit time in half, which means that GMK sets will arrive to you much faster. Begining from this month.

Packaging is also upgarded!

Black Friday Inventory Rreleases Preview:

Starting on Nov. 24 9 A.M. PST.

  • GMK Metropolis
  • GMK Lime
  • GMK Bento left overs (very few)
  • GMK DMG R1 left overs (very few)
  • SA Bubble (very few)
  • and more to come...


Ongoing Projects


GMK Ursa

Now Live.


GMK Greek Beige, Shark Bait, Alter, ASCII, Analog Dreams, DMG R2, Yugo, Sparta

Lots of GMK sets going on lately :)

Accepting orders.


KAT Eternal

Accepting orders!


JTK HSA WoB and Beige on Brown

Accepting orders.


SA Symbiosis 2.0

Delayed. Shipment should arrive next week. Fulfillment is expected to begin in late Nov - early Dec.

(Nov. 20) FIRST BATCH ARRIVING THIS WEEK. Expect all to arrive and ready to ship by the end of Nov.


GMK Metropolis 

All shipped.


GMK Lime

All orders shipped.


GMK Mizu

GMK should finish production and ship them out to us in 1-2 weeks.


GMK Fro.yo, VoC, Night Runner, Dots, Vaporwave, Handarbeit, Wavez, Olive, Crimson Cadet, Sandstorm, Camping R2

Awaiting production.


Sanctuary/Bred, KAT Milkshake, Starry Night R3

In production.




Delayed. All housing and other non electronic components are ready, waiting for the PCBs.


Morgrie RIE Low-Profile

All units are here, awaiting documents and approvals for air shipment. The device has lithium batteries in it so we need extra steps before shipping. Sorry for the wait.


Fr87 by Elemento

Working on a PCB replacement for all orders. 



Orange Wristrests

Still waiting on Orange to fulfill our orders.


The Red Comet

Currently under QC.





  • KAT Little Pilot

In Stock Items

  • JTK AJ (Red / Black / White Combo)
  • JTK Cyan
  • JTK 9009
  • JTK Red on White Cola V3


  • Grid keyboards

In Development... 


JTK Projects:

  • Tripleshot Hiragana - Classic FC

KAM Projects:

KAT Projects:

Keyreative ABS series:

  • Blank Cherry profile ABS keycap sets

Domikey Custom set:

  • Domikey SA Aqua


Best Regards,

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