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  • By Anelya Grant


Project Updates (Oct. 9, 2018)

Many exciting boards are coming up this week! Check out the Up-and-Coming section for more info.

Ongoing Projects


GMK Chocolatier & RAMA PVD Brass Artisans

GB will last til Nov.5. We are going strong!


GMK Coniferous R2

GB will last til the end of this month.


SA Symbiosis 2.0

Going super strong. Some kits unlocked lower price point. Difference will go out after the GB ends.



Kit updated, added more keys.


GMK Monochrome & RAMA Black Artisans

GB extended to Oct. 15. We are close, let's keep it up :)


GMK Monochrome & RAMA Black Artisans

GB extended to Oct. 15. We are close, let's keep it up :)


GMK Mr. Sleeves

Waiting invoice from GMK.


GMK Metaverse

Metaverse will happen :), waiting invoice from GMK.


GMK Modern Dolch & RAMA Dolch Artisans

Refund for hitting 500 MOQ on Base will go out this week.



Base, Icon Mods, R0 Numbers confirmed. Will have news on NorDe soon. Once all confirmed, we will move on to color sampling.


GMK Olivia

Color matching approved few weeks back. Currently under production. Do expect a heavy delay.


GMK Necro

Still under the process of color mixing and match as per Originative. Do expect a heavy delay.


GMK Burgundy

Shipping this week.


GMK Phantom

Under production, do expect slight delay.


GMK >Terminal_ R2

GMK will ship the parcel out today, expect to receive and ship them out to customers late Oct.


SA Bubble

Order placed. Shipping ETA from SP: July, 19th, 2019. Do expect to be able to ship them out mid August to early Sept next year.


KAM Starry Night

KAM caps under dye-sub. New shipping estimation: Late Oct.


DSA Milkshake

Blank keycaps ready. Will do color sampling and matching this week, aiming to make purple and blue closer to the original design.


KAT Alpha

Fixing stems for 6.25u and 6u Space. On Schedule.


XDA Oblique

Order submitted late :( Will catch up on production. Do expect a slight delay.


JTK Hana

Under production. Slightly delayed due to Buddha getting married recently. 


Red Comet

Order submitted late. Do expect a slight delay.



Fr87 by Elemento

Sorting shall begin next week, PCB should arrive late Oct. For detailed updates, check the last project update post.



Orders will be submitted this week to EVE.



Expect to ship in Oct.


F & T 1916 by F & T

Under production. On schedule.


Orange 75 and Orange Pad by Fox Lab

We still have 3 orders to ship. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are still waiting on your Oranges to arrive.


Leaf 80 by Fox Lab

Under production. On schedule.


Meteor by EVE

Under production. Do expect a slight delay.


Grid600 by grid
Order submitted. On schedule.




  • Keyreative UV Printed ABS Keycaps
    Low price, Cherry profile, 1.2mm thickness, classic font, 15+ color combo, 6 sub-legends available (Cyrillic, Hiragana, Hangul, Cangjie, Thai, Arabic), 100%, 980m, 80% (WK and WKL), 65%, 60% support.
  • JTK Artic (very soon)
  • JTK HF (?)
  • SA Raccoon
  • GMK Calm Depths by Oblotzky (Nov.)



  • KIRA S by Thesiscamper (very soon)
  • HB-85 by Gray Studio (very soon)
    Samples arrived.

  • zFrontier x DURGOD 70% (very soon)
    70% layout, Aluminum housing, RGB backlight, Front RGB strip

  • Aurora 96 (very soon)
    Aluminum housing, White LED backlight, Front RGB strip, Hot-swappable, Bootmapper re-skin


In Development...


  • KAM Inu
  • KAM Wraith
  • KAM Imperator
  • KAT Poseidon
  • Multiple awesome projects with TheKey.Company
  • Possible DCS set
  • JTK keycaps (hint: 3)
  • ...



  • A planck board with Maarten
  • ...


Best Regards,


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