Project Updates

Project Updates (Sept 24th, 2019)

  • By Anelya Grant

Project Updates (Sept 24th, 2019)

Project Updates (Sept 24, 2019)

Ongoing Projects


Sanctuary Rebirth & BRED PBT

Accepting orders.


KAT Milkshake

Accepting orders.


GMK Crimson Cadet, Sandstorm

Accepting orders.




JTK Arctic, JTK HyperFuse, JTK Tripleshot  

Most orders fulfilled. If your's is unfulfilled, it means that you have other GB items that are not ready to ship yet.

Currently in the process of arrange replacements. If you are still waiting on your replacement keys, please be patient! We will ship them out once we have the replacement keys ready to ship.



GMK DMG, Striker

Most orders fulfilled. If your's is unfulfilled, it means that you have other GB items that are not ready to ship yet.

* Orders containing DMG deskmats are affected since the deskmats have not arrived. Be sure that we will keep your GMK sets until all the items from your order are ready to ship.


DSA Scientific

Fulfillment will begin tomorrow.

The ISO Enter is having some fitting issue, replacements should be arriving in a few days. If your order contains an ISO kit, please expect a few days of delay on shipping.



All orders fulfilled


SA Bubble

En route to our warehouse. Expected shipping date: mid Oct.


SA Symbiosis 2.0

Under production.


GMK Fro.yo, VoC, Night Runner, Dots, Vaporwave, Handarbeit, Wavez, Metropolis, Olive

Orders submitted. Awaiting production.


Starry Night R3

Orders submitted.




Under production.


Morgrie RIE Low-Profile

Sorry for the long delay due to the keycap issues. Morgrie will be shipping the units to us this week. We will begin fulfillment as soon as we receive them. We should be able to finish fulfillment for all the orders if they arrive by Friday (Sept. 27). If they arrives after Friday, fulfillment will likely be interrupted by the Chinese National Holidays.


Aurora 96

Still waiting for the remaining units to arrive :(


Fr87 by Elemento

Working on a PCB replacement for all orders. 


Kira Pads and replacement components arrived. We will begin sorting during the holidays and should get all the orders shipped within October.



Orange Wristrests

Still waiting on Orange to fulfill our orders.


The Red Comet

Rejected 2 rounds of products. Currently waiting on the 3rd round re-make to arrive.





Inventory Sales

  • GMK Striker
  • GMK Bento
  • GMK Skiidata
  • GMK Deep Space
  • SA VoC
  • JTK Hyperfuse
  • JTK Arctic (very limited QTY restock)
  • Domikey 159-key SA Doubleshot ABS sets

In Stock Items

  • JTK AJ (Red / Black / White Combo)
  • JTK Cyan
  • JTK 9009
  • JTK Red on White Cola V3


  • Grid keyboards

In Development... 


JTK Projects:

  • Tripleshot Hiragana

KAM Projects:

KAT Projects:

Keyreative ABS series:

  • Blank Cherry profile ABS keycap sets


Best Regards,

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