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XDA Yohko

designed by PointWorks

Inspired by the spirit foxes from the floklore, XDA Yohko imagined a demon fox with dark jade-colored shiny fur and neon green embellishments.

The Legends

The keycaps are injected with high quality clear PC plastic and the legends are done via heat treated pad printing. After the legends are printed, the keycap is then UV-treated to give them extra gloss and further protect the legends. The printed legends are concealed by the gloss varnish to make sure that the legends are not raised from the surface and maintain a consistent touch feel. 

The Package

Every unit will come with a custom color the W BOX: a green faded clear PC sorting tray with a dark green synthetic leather accent bar with fur-like texture. It protects and it displays.


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    • XDA profile
    • PC plastic
    • Designed by PointWorks
    • Made in China

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