[Pre-Order] grid 650 CYCLE and ARRAY+CYCLE module

$18.00 USD

grid 650 CYCLE and ARRAY+CYCLE module

Module Type-10 CYCLE for grid 650


  • Specially designed knob, featuring no side screw holes and interchangeable magnetic cap.
  • Two cap designs are available: Ver. Classic and Ver.Peaks
  • EC-11, 20 stops encoder with a center button
  • Standalone microprocessor for encoder input handling and lighting
  • 12 ARGB LED with 5 light effects and 13 colors:
    Light effects: Static, Breathing, Spinning, Rainbow breathing, Rainbow cycle
    Colors: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Chartreuse, Green, Mint, Aqua, Azure,
    Blue, Purple, Fuchsia, Pink
  • Connects to the keyboard matrix and is recognized as F1-F4 keys (configurable*)
    Left rotation = F1, right rotation = F2, left rotation with knob pressed = F3, right rotation with knob pressed = F4
  • Compatible with all grid 650 PCBs
  • Power drain from the battery: 10-80mA

*F1-F4 keys can be configured for our QMK PCB and LS PCB in 2.4G mode.


Module Type-07+10 ARRAY+CYCLE for grid 650


  • The "ARRAY" part on the left and the "CYCLE" part on the right
  • Same ARRAY PCB and similar CYCLE PCB.
  • Not compatible with our 18650 battery holder, requires flat battery mod for wireless built.
  • Limited as a complete set and unlimited as an ARRAY upgrade (without ARRAY
  • Signal Port for ARRAY module is avialble here


  • Pre-order window: Feb 28th to March 21st, 2022
  • MODULE ONLY. You need a grid 650 keyboard case and a grid 650 PCB and other accessories (switches, stabilizers, etc.) to build a full keyboard.
  • TYPE-07+10 ARRAY + CYCLE (without ARRAY PCB) will require the PCB from your old TYPE-07 Array module

For more info, please check www.gridishere.com


Colors and Cap Variants

  • Colors: black, silver, navy, or purple



  • TYPE-10 CYCLE Module
    - Ver.Classic Magnetic Cap included (same color as the module)

  • TYPE-07+10 ARRAY + CYCLE (Full) - limited to 60 units
    - Ver.Classic Magnetic Cap included (same color as the module)

  • TYPE-07+10 ARRAY + CYCLE (without ARRAY PCB)
    - Ver.Classic Magnetic Cap included (same color as the module)
    - Requires the PCB from your old TYPE-07 Array module

  • Extra Magnetic Cap for CYCLE
    Ver.Classic or Ver.Peaks

Shipping Info

  • Pre order
  • Estimated ship date in August 2022
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  • Please DO NOT purchase this item with other IN STOCK grid products if you want to receive the in stock parts early. Since this item will take time to produce, your in stock item order will be delayed. We will wait for all the parts are available to ship.