[Group buy] SP SA Cream Cheese and Green - zFrontier Exclusive


SP SA Cream Cheese and Green

Designed by shower_king

A revival of the old Cream Cheese & Green DCS keyset from Signature Plastics in the classic SA profile.

Using a green similar to Pantone's Color of the Year (Greenery), SA Cream Cheese and Green blends lush green with soft yellow to recreate nature under the sun. Soothing to the eye and pleasing to the touch, SA Cream Cheese and Green would makes a fantastic addition to any keyboard, but pairs especially well with lighter-toned cases.

Keys included

  • Base set (104 keys)
    • ANSI 104 layout
      • Alpha base color: WCK, Alpha legend color: VBQ
      • Modifier base color: VBQ, Modifier legend color: WCK
  • Additional keys (13 keys)
    • R1: 1u “~ `”
      • 1u “~ `”
    • R2:
      • 1.5u “| \”
    • R3:
      • 1.75u Stepped Caps
      • 1u SUPER (×2)
      • 1.5u CTRL (×2)
      • 1.5u ALT (×2)
      • 7u Spacebar
    • R4:
      • 1u FN
      • 1.75u SHIFT
      • 2.25u SHIFT
    • Base color: VBQ, Legend color: WCK


About Signature Plastics

Signature Plastics is an American manufacturer of keycaps specializing in injection moulding. Founded in 2001, Signature Plastics (SP) provides made-to-order keycaps for a variety of applications, including keycaps in the SA, DSA, and DCS profiles for the mechanical keyboard community. Their SA profile in particular has a vintage appearance reminiscent of typewriters. SP works primarily with ABS, but has also been known to produce some PBT keycaps (e.g. DSA Granite). 


  • SA profile
  • 1.5mm thick doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Designed by shower_king
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics
  • Made in the United States


  • Estimated ship date: Apr 2018