[In Stock] Keyreative All Touch - KAT Alpha v1.1

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Keyreative All Touch - KAT Alpha v1.1

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This is the debut of the brand new Keyreative All Touch profile. With months of design and development, comes the first ever KAT set - KAT Alpha. KAT is an ultra smooth sculpted profile PBT dye-sub keycap set that embraces the classic aesthetics of spherical keycaps combines the ergonomics of Cherry profile keycaps.



Full Size Base


40s Base

Ergo Base

About Keyreative

Created in December of 2013, Keyreative has been devoted to the design and production of high quality PBT keycaps. Keyreative has crafted various types of keycaps and sets, including laser-etched, dyesubbed, resin, and GID (glow in the dark) keycaps. Keyreative is well known for their extensive design experience, as shown in their multiple varieties of the gradient.


  • KAT profile
  • Smooth texture
  • 1.65mm thick PBT
  • Dye sublimated legends
  • Designed and manufactured by Keyreative
  • Made in China