[In Stock] LeleLab Crystal SuperX ABS Keycap Sets

$32.99 USD

LeleLab Crystal SuperX ABS Keycap Sets

by LeleLab and Keyreative

LeleLab Crystal series evolved. The SuperX line brings you an all new level of clarity.

The all new keycaps completely remove the pin marks and reinforcement ridges on the backside of the keycaps resulting a much cleaner product.

Featuring 3 different colors, high gloss or frosted 2 different finishes, and UV printed or blank 2 different options, SuperX will fit any board, any aesthetics with ease.

 SuperX vs Crystal Color

Top: Crystal Color / Bottom: SuperX Frosted

Variants / Colors

Printed Clear - Gloss


Printed Clear Black - Gloss


Blanks Clear - Gloss


Blanks Clear Black - Gloss


Printed Clear - Frosted

Printed Clear Black - Frosted

Blanks Clear - Frosted

Blanks Clear Black - Frosted

Blanks Clear Smoke - Frosted



    • Clear ABS
    • Cherry Profile
    • Sorting tray + custom outer box
    • Blanks: 126 keys, no printed legends
    • UV Printed: 132 keys, with white UV printed legends

    Layout Support


    126-key all-in-one base kit


      UV Printed

       132 keys, with: ANSI, ISO UK: 100%, 80%, 60%; Regular 65, 75; 96, 980; WKL support

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