[Made to Order] Keyreative UV DRAWING ABS Keyset - Multilingual

$35.00 USD

Keyreative UV DRAWING ABS Keyset

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Keyreative UV DRAWING Series combine marvelous inspiration with superior craftsmanship. Decorate your keyboard with vivid colors and infinite possibilities.

Embrace the beauty of exotic languages with your finger tip. The First launch of Keyreative UV DRAWING Series will feature multilingual sublegends. English, Cyrillic, Japanese, Hangul, Cangjie, Thai, and Arabic, pick yours!

This product is made to order! Please read the SPECS and SHIPPING and TIMEFRAME  sections down below for more details.



Base Kit

Base kit will come with standard ANSI 108 keys.  


Add-on Kit

Add-on kit adds bare-bones ISO, WKL, and 65% support and enables possible FC980 and 96% builds.

Add-on kit will have the same color scheme and sublegend as the base kit you chosen. The following image only shows the layout of the add-on kit.


Languages and colors


  • English
  • Cyrillic
  • Japanese
  • Hangul
  • Cangjie
  • Thai
  • Arabic


Please check the slides for color reference.

  • A - Black on White
  • B - White on Black
  • C - Black and White
  • D - Red on Cream
  • E - Pink on Cream
  • F - Cyan on White
  • G - Cyan on Purple
  • H - Teal
  • I - Olive on Green
  • J - Orange on Cream
  • K - Yellow on Cream
  • L - Lavender
  • M - Miami
  • N - Magenta Classic Miami
  • O - Cyan Classic Miami
  • P - Dolch
  • Q - Classic Purple
  • R - Retro Cyan
  • S - Cyan Carbon
  • T - Gray Scale



About Keyreative

Created in December of 2013, Keyreative has been devoted to the design and production of high quality PBT keycaps. Keyreative has crafted various types of keycaps and sets, including laser-etched, dyesubbed, resin, and GID (glow in the dark) keycaps. Keyreative is well known for their extensive design experience, as shown in their multiple varieties of the gradient.



  • Keyreative UV DRAWING ABS Keyset
  • 1st Launch - Multilingual
  • Cherry Profile
  • MX Compatible
  • Classic Cherry style English Font
  • 1.3mm Thickness ABS Keycaps
  • UV Printed
  • Manufactured by Keyreative
  • Manufactured in China

UV printed legends will fade.

Please avoid scratching the legends.

Please keep the keycaps from organic solvents.

Shipping and Timeframe

  • Made to order
  • Orders will be collected and submitted weekly. We will collect and submit every MONDAY
  • Orders will be ready to ship within 3 weeks after submission. Delay may occur if order count is large
  • Shipping calculated at check out