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 Fox Lab Orange 75

Looking for some seasonal refreshment? The Oranges are back on sale!

* This page is for Fox Lab Orange 75, for upgarde and extra components for your Orange 75, CLICK HERE

* For the Fox Lab Orange Pad, CLICK HERE


The Return of the Orange 

Designed by Fox Lab, Orange 75 is the return of the highly acclaimed Orange TKL, or, Pizza TKL, with a more compact and cute form factor.


Orange 75 features a perfect 75% layout with a normal staggered F-Row and a blocker on the 65% to isolate the arrow cluster. Say goodbye to accidentally hitting the wrong key on a compact layout!

The Orange 75 will have standard full aluminum version with 6 different colors to choose from and an extra heavy full electroplated brass version for those who prefer a super hefty and golden shiny board.

* When you choose a full brass version, all components from your kit will be automatically upgraded to Electroplated Brass with a mirror gold finish, no other color options are available.


Product Description

  • Fox Lab - Orange 75 Custom Keyboard
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum / Electroplated Brass
  • Manufacturing: CNC machined / anodized /  electroplated


Color options for case

  • Baby Blue
  • Rose Gold
  • Fresh Orange
  • MAO White
  • Light Green
  • Charcoal Black


Color options for aluminum inserts and switch plate

  • Baby Blue
  • Rose Gold
  • Sand Gold
  • MAO White
  • Light Green
  • Charcoal Black


Standard kit

  • Top and bottom housings
  • Aluminum Inserts
  • Switch plate
  • PCB

    Upgrade and Extra Components (buy here)

    • Extra PCB (QMK or Bootmapper)
    • Upgrade Aluminum Inserts to Brass Weights
      • Extra Brass Weights
      • Extra Brass Plate


      • Group buy: April 8th - April 18th
      • Estimated ship date:  July, 2018

      Shipping details

      • Shipping not included in pricing due to specific nature of this group buy
      • Shipping fee will be invoiced separately after group buy



      Due to the specific nature of this group buy (and at Fox Lab's request), all orders are final and non-refundable once placed.

      Shipping fee will be invoiced separately after GB and all after service will be handled directly by Fox Lab.

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