[Group buy] Typewriter 68 Custom Mechanical Keyboard


Typewriter 68

Typewriter 68 is a custom mechanical keyboard heavily influenced by retro keyboard designs. Hefty and classy, this board is meant to be your best typing companion.


  • Retro design
  • High profile integral plate
  • 4.1 kg +
  • Peculiar layout
  • RGB light strip
  • Custom engraving


Typewriter 68 parts

  • Mid-piece (Integral plate design, 2 layout variants)
    HHKB Bottom Row (ANSI/ISO, Full / Split LShift, Full / Split Backspace)

    Full Bottom Row (ANSI/ISO, Full / Split LShift, Full / Split Backspace)
  • Housing (Outer housing and covering plate, "Typewriter 68" LOGO will be in normal font, optional front engraving)
  • PCB (BootmapperClient, USB-C port)
  • Aluminum or Brass Nametag (Upgrading to Brass will automatically ignore your chosen anodized color, default CNC engraving would be "typewriter 68")
  • Accessories

Purchase extra mid-piece and/or PCB here


Custom Engraving

Typewriter 68 allows users to custom engraving on the nametag, customize your keyboard here

PCB features

  • BootmapperClient
  • USB-C port
  • ANSI and ISO support
  • Split Backspace Support
  • Split LShift Support

Color Options

Anodize color options:

Silver, Gray, Black, Coffee, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Pink, Gold, Green

Housing and mid-piece could upgrade to (e-coating) Milk White, upgrading to Milk White will automatically ignore your chosen anodized colors.


  • Typewriter 68
  • Designed by Scarecrow


  • GB: Nov 12th - Nov 30th
  • Estimated ship date: Feb, 2019

Shipping Info

  • Ships worldwide via DHL from Shanghai, China
  • Shipping fee not included in the pricing
  • Shipping invoice will be send out once the keyboard is ready to ship