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Keyreative - Klingon PBT Keyset

Following the successful and popular reception for Keyreative's previous Vulcan keyset comes a new offering from Keyreative. In a similar vein as the previous Vulcan keyset, this new keyset is inspired by a different race of aliens from the same popular sci-fi franchise, the Klingons. A vast, proud, conquering, and traditional race, whose power is evident even in the characters of their written script.

This is Klingon.

Heavily inspired by the fictional race of Klingons, the Standard Issue of Keyreative's Klingon has dual dye sublimated legends that feature both English and, more prominently, the alphabet of the Klingons. GID boasts the same legends, but laser etched rather than dye sublimated due to the nature of the glow-in-the-dark material.


Standard Issue (Dyesub legends, 120 keys)

GID (glow-in-the-dark,120keys)

Keys included

Standard issue (Dyesub legends, 120 keys) & GID (Glow-in-the-dark, 120 keys)
  • 104 keycaps for standard ANSI layout keyboards (e.g. Filco, Das, Ducky, etc.)
  • R1:
    • 1u Fn x1
    • 1u 0 x1
    • 1u 00 x1
    • 1u Insignia x1
    • 1u Menu x1
    • 1.75u Shift x1 
    • 1.5u Control x2
    • 1.5u Alt x2
    • 6u spacebar x1
    • 7u spacebar x1
  • R2:
    • 1.75u stepped capslock x1
  • R4:
    • 1u novelties x3

    Items included

    • Premium packaging
    • Plastic keyset storage plate
    • Keyset
    • Keycap puller


    The outside of the box features a bronzed logo and a lasered anti-counterfeit label to prove the keyset's authenticity. The box itself is made up of triple-wall corrugated cardboard to provide the protection that the keyset deserves. The plastic keyset plate is used to secure the keycaps in place, preventing scratching, and the two layers of EPE foam sheet insulate the keyset from the sides of the box.

    About Keyreative

    Created in December of 2013, Keyreative has been devoted to the design and production of high quality PBT keycaps. Keyreative has crafted various types of keycaps and sets, including laser-etched, dyesubbed, resin, and GID (glow in the dark) keycaps. Keyreative is well known for their extensive design experience, as shown in their multiple varieties of the gradient.


    • Cherry profile
    • 1.5mm PBT
    • Supports most standard winkey and winkeyless layouts
    • Designed by Keyreative
    • Manufactured by Keyreative
    • Made in China


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