[Group buy] Keyreative Starry Night DSA Dyesub Keyset R2


Keyreative Starry Night DSA Dyesub Keyset

Starry Night is back! Starry Night R2 is upgraded with all new Novelties and is now compatible with 40% layouts!

Designed and manufactured by Keyreative, the inspiration for this new keyset comes from The Starry Night, one of the most renowned works from the post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. The set is designed to reflect the glow of the pale moonlight, interrupted sparingly by brief glimpses of the stars scattered throughout the night.

The colors used are:
• Blue: Pantone 5405 U
• Gray: Pantone Gray 1U
• Yellow: Pantone 7549 U


Not only is DSA Starry Night a suitable addition to your MX-compatible keyboards, the kits are designed to minimize waste of extra keys, allowing you to only get the keys you’ll really use, and make mixing & matching a breeze.

Starry Night features the greatest freedom of choice in the base kit selection out of any keyset in recent history, featuring two main fonts to choose from, as well as icon or text mods to pair with. 



Default kits

Basic 104-key set, compatible for the vast majority of MX keyboards out there. Includes one yellow ENTER, and the choice between primary fonts, and icon/text mods.


Default full kit (modern font)


Default full kit (classic font)


Keyboard-specific kits

To accommodate the needs of enthusiasts with certain specific (yet relatively common) keyboards, Starry Night has the option of the below kits to fit those specific boards and minimize wasted keys. For clarity, they will be referred to as “full kits” as opposed to regular “kits”. Please view the render to make sure that the full kit will fit the specific layout of your keyboard, as there may be regional layout variations.


Minila full kit (modern font)


Minila full kit (classic font)


TADA68 full kit (modern font)


TADA68 full kit (classic font)


60% full kit (modern font, standard ANSI)


60% full kit (classic font, standard ANSI)


40% full kit (modern font)

40% full kit (classic font)

FC660M full kit (modern font)


FC660M full kit (classic font)


FC980M full kit (modern font)


FC980M full kit (classic font)

Planck full kit (modern font)

Planck full kit (classic font)


Ergodox full kit (modern font)

Ergodox full kit (classic font)


Novelty kits

Starry Night DSA R2 features a unique novelty design from Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece, The Starry Night. With Keycreative's high quality dye-subbing technique, every stroke of the starry night are crisp and clear.


Addon kits

For those who are completionists or have multiple keyboards (so pretty much everybody), Keyreative also provides the option of smaller kits to pair with the default 104-key set for wider compatibility.


Minila kit

TADA68 kit

FC660M kit

FC980M kit

Planck kit

WKL&1800&ISO kit

MAC kit

Winkey kit


Color kits

There are additional colorful addon kits to give your Starry Night an additional splash of color.

Yellow kit 1 (modern font)

Yellow kit 1 (classic font)

Yellow kit 2 (modern font)

Yellow kit 2 (classic font)

Blue kit (modern font)

Blue kit (classic font)




  • Default kit (104 keys)
  • Minila full kit
  • TADA68 full kit
  • 60% full kit
  • FC660M full kit
  • FC980M full kit
  • Planck full kit
  • Ergodox full kit
  • 40% full kit


  • Minila kit
  • TADA68 kit
  • FC660 kit
  • FC980 kit
  • Planck kit
  • WKL&1800&ISO kit
  • Mac kit A/B
  • Winkey kit A/B
  • Yellow kit 1
  • Yellow kit 2
  • Blue kit
  • Novelty kit 1u
  • Novelty kit 1u - B
  • Novelty kit (gray)
  • Novelty kit (blue)
  • Novelty kit (yellow)

About Keyreative

Created in December of 2013, Keyreative has been devoted to the design and production of high quality PBT keycaps. Keyreative has crafted various types of keycaps and sets, including laser-etched, dyesubbed, resin, and GID (glow in the dark) keycaps. Keyreative is well known for their extensive design experience, as shown in their multiple varieties of the gradient.


  • Keyreative Starry Night DSA dyesub
  • Profile: DSA
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: dye sublimated
  • Packaging:Zip bag
  • Manufactured and designed by Keyreative
  • Manufactured in China


  • Group buy: Mar 13th – Apr 3rd, 2018
  • Estimated ship date: May 2018