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qPBT Terminal (R1)

qPBT Terminal is a keycap set inspired by workstations of the past with their iconic orange or green displays and monospaced typefaces, and has been designed with affordability in mind. The set features text-only legends, with binary sublegends to add secondary detail and round out the set’s retro look.

In the spirit of simplicity, qPBT Terminal features one kit; said base kit covers a wide range of keyboard layouts from 60-100%, and includes support for Alice, macOS, terminal ISO, ANSI, Tsangan and more! Also featured is a beautiful Salvun artisan keycap modeled after an old workstation. This R1 keycap is made of anodized black aluminum with a resin infill, and fits on any switch with MX stems.


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        • Cherry Keycap Profile by EqualPBT (qPBT)
        • PBT plastic
        • Overall dye sublimated legends
        • MX switch compatible (includes Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, etc)
        • Check out the beautiful design website at mvkb.com/terminal/ →