[In Stock] Hades Switch

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Hades Switch

Inspired by Greek mythology and manufactured by JWK, Hades switches utilize a slightly longer stem than normal while still being shorter than the Poseidon, offering an accessible mid-point between typical long-pole switches and 'conventional' switches.

Featuring optimized three-stage gold-plated springs for minimal sound and wonderful feel alongside a P3 stem and transparent nylon shell, the sound is described by some as dampened & thocky. Choose between the ultra-light 42g green stem variant if you feel a need for speed, or grab the midrange 63.5g black stem switches for a more standard experience, or grab both and see which style you prefer.

  • Linear switch (no tactile bump)
  • 63.5g or 42g (bottom out) three-section gold-plated spring
  • No factory lubrication
  • 3.7mm travel
  • 5 pin housing
  • Manufactured by JWK
  • Sold in packs of ten (1 unit = 10 switches)

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