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Varmilo VA68Mg Standard Magnalium Mechanical Keyboard


The VA68Mg from Varmilo is a mechanical keyboard in the 68-key form. With a never-before-seen magnesium construction (for keyboards, anyway), premium thick PBT or Doubleshot ABS keycaps, and a layout that adds important function and navigation keys to the basic 60% layout, the VA68Mg is both sturdy and light, and well-suited for all computing purposes.


The layout of the VA68Mg is similar to the FC660 line from Leopold, but improves upon the Leopold by having standard keycaps sizes. This allows you to swap in your favorite keycaps easily without worrying about nonstandard layouts. The VA68Mg also added two critical function keys: Page Up and Page Down, further enhancing the typing experience.


The unique use of magnalium for the VA68Mg allows the keyboard to be 33% lighter than its aluminum brother, the Varmilo VA68M. The VA68Mg is hence light enough to be carried around in your backpack, without losing any of its sturdiness.



    • Cherry MX Black
    • Cherry MX Blue
    • Cherry MX Brown
    • Cherry MX Red
    • Cherry MX Clear
    • PBT White & Gray with Black Legends (white alphas with light gray modifiers)


    • PBT All White (with 8 Legend Color Options: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Purple)

    Items included

    • Premium packaging
    • Keyboard
    • Cover
    • Keycap puller
    • 3 Detachable USB Cable






    • 68-key layout
    • Magnalium case
    • Cherry MX switches
    • PBT Dyesub keycaps
    • N-Key rollover 
    • Dimensions: 341 x 108 x 35.5 mm
    • Weight: 750g / 1.65lb
    • Compability: Windows / OS X


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