[Group buy] CandyBar Premium R2 by TheKey.Company


CandyBar Premium R2 by TheKey.Company

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Please leave a comment when checking out to let us know which color (white or black) do you want for your cable!

CandyBar Premium is an compact 40% keyboard + numpad with an all aluminum chassis. No soldering required—you'll only need a screwdriver to assemble.


  • Beautiful, minimalistic design 
  • Hotswap PCB – No soldering to assemble. Great for beginners!
  • Uses a maximum of 62 switches
  • 6 degree angle case
  • One case, two numpad options – left or right
  • USB-C Connection
  • Case measures 13.39" x 4.25" x 1.26"


PCB and Layout

  • Matte black PCB with white silkscreen
  • USB-C connection
  • QMK Firmware - fully programmable layout, and can be configured in QMK Configurator
  • Kailh Hotswap sockets - NO SOLDERING REQUIRED
  • Left or right numpad option available.
  • Split Space, arrows, and many other layout options
  • Layouts can be filled with almost any 40% kit on the market. No unusual key sizes / row profiles


What's Included
  • Case – CNC 6061 anodized aluminum case in choice of color
  • Plate – CNC 6061 anodized aluminum plate in choice of color 
  • PCB – in style of your choice (righty or lefty)
  • Cable – 1.5m cable in your choice of black or white

Comes with standoffs, screws, and assembly instructions.


Case Options
  • Black Cacao (Black)

  • 3 Amigos (Space Grey)

  • Pop Rocks (Lavender)

  • Cherry Bomb (Red)

  • Zero (E-white)

  • Rock Candy (Frosted Polycarbonate)


Plate Options
  • Black Cacao (Black)
  • 3 Amigos (Space Grey)
  • Cherry Bomb (Red)
  • Pop Rocks (Lavender)
  • Zero (E-white)
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Rock Candy (Frosted Polycarbonate)

    Extra Components
    • Group buy: Apr.13 - Apr.24
    • Estimated ship date:  June, 2020

    Shipping details
    • Shipping not included in pricing due to specific nature of this group buy
    • Shipping fee will be invoiced separately after group buy