Gray COD67 Custom Mechanical Keyboard R2


Gray COD67 Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Gray COD67 is a 60% keyboard with a modern and bold design. Featuring 20 RGB Underglow LED lights and an unique diffuse placement, the COD67 has the most stunning RGB light strip for a custom mechanical keyboard. 

COD67 will be limited to 75 units worldwide in order to guarantee better quality control and faster production.

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COD67 parts

- Top case (10 anodization color options or Micro-Arc Oxidation White*)
- Bottom case (10 anodization color options or Micro-Arc Oxidation White*)
- Aluminum plate (10 anodization color options, can upgrade to Electroplated Brass or Titanium plate)
- PCB (2u left Shift layout or 2.25u left Shift layout)
- Front nameplate (10 anodization color options or Micro-Arc Oxidation White*, customizable**)
- Aluminum weight (customizable**)
- Diffuser
- Screws, rubber feet, etc.
Wooden box

* Micro-Arc Oxidation will charge extra $7 per piece.

** You will need to prepare and provide us .cdr, .ai, .dxf, .dwg or other vector files. If you are not able to create vector drawings, please prepare a high resolution image and Gray Studio will convert it for you.


PCB features

- Programmable with
- 2u left Shift or 2.25u left Shift support
- 20 RGB Underglow LEDs
- USB-C connection

Color Options

10 different anodization colors (Silver, Black, Titanium, Red, Gold, Rose Gold, Purple, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Light Green) are available and you could choose the colors separately for the top, bottom case, aluminum plate and aluminum weight. Micro-Arc Oxidation White is available for the top, bottom case and aluminum weight.



  • COD67
  • Designed by Gray Studio
  • Manufactured in China


  • Group buy: Feb 26th – Mar. 18th, 2018
  • Estimated ship date: May 2018