[Group buy] Godspeed Glow Deskpads by Novelkeys


Godspeed Glow Deskpads by Novelkeys

The classic Godspeed design is back with a new twist - LED stitching! These glow deskpads offer 7 static colors (red, green, blue, violet, indigo, yellow/green, white) and 3 unique dynamic colors (pulse, wave, color cycle).

The deskpads are offered in 3 different colorways - Blue, Green, or Pink. 

* If you are from NA, please join form Novelkeys.xyz.


    Color options

    • Blue


    • Green

    • Pink


    • 900x400x4mm
    • Stitched edges with fiber optic stitching
    • Cloth Top (works with all mice)
    • Rubber Bottom
    • Comes with Micro USB cable



    • Group buy: Jan 14th - Jan 28th
    • Estimated ship date:  June, 2019

    Shipping details

    • Shipping not included in pricing