[Group buy] Imperator TTi-108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen


Imperator TTi-108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen

Nothing can replace a great writing device. Not even the latest and greatest technology.

Even though smartphones and personal computers are part of our everyday lives, we still find ourselves needing pens. We use pens for signing our name, making notes, corrections, drawing and more. We just can’t live without our pens.

The Imperator TTi-108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen is a pen’s dream come true.

The fourth titanium pen with a Three-Gear Bolt Mechanical Structure, the Imperator TTi-108 is now better than ever. Every part of the pen is 100% Titanium, without casting or welding. The Three-Gear Bolt Structure continues to provide easy conversion between Rollerball Pen and Stylus. 

The solid and lightweight titanium body is delicately cut and assembled to the precision of 10.6 mm in diameter and 1.3 mm in thickness. After careful calculations and numerous tests, 50 waves are made on the grip to provide both a firm grip as well as comfort.

4 colors are currently available for Imperator TTi-108:

  • Space Grey: Hand-blasted, reduces reflection and glare, fingerprints resistant
  • Classic Silver: Stonewashed, preserve the original look overtime, hides scratches easily.
  • Midnight Black: DLC black coating, fingerprints and abrasion resistant.
  • Black and Gold: DLC black combined with Ti-N Gold brings the unique color assortment.

Concerned that the pen runs out of ink? We have studied the international standard of every kind of refill, including German Schmidt, American Cross, Parker and Fisher, Chinese M&G, Japanese Pilot and uni-ball. The unparalleled Refill Compatible Structure we designed have been applied to every titanium pen of the TTi series pens, so that any international standard refill is acceptable.

TTi-068 G2 Refill Titanium Extender is one of the titanium pen fittings crafted using precision manufacturing. It can be matched with the TTi-108 or used separately. G2 Ballpoint Refills and Fisher Space Pen Refills are both accepted by Roller Pens.

Hoping for another dash of style? The well designed TTi-L165 pen case is the perfect complement to your Imperator TTi 108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen. Quality leather and a precision finished titanium ring are used to keep the pen case both equal parts elegance and sophistication.  

Items included

Imperator TTi-108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen
  • Imperator TTi-108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen
  • Accessories: Roller refill, Stylus mod, O-Ring, Spring
  • Optional Accessory: TTi-068 Refill titanium extender

About Inspirs Design

Inspirs Design was founded in 2012, with the goal of producing designs that are "minimalist, everlasting and creative". Deriving their name from "inspiration", Inspirs Design aims to bring their aesthetic to life using precise manufacturing and high grade materials. With a variety of creations ranging from writing utensils to dice, Inspirs Design has gained following rapid, with fans from over 40 countries.


  • TTi-108 Titanium Bolt Action Pen
    • Material: Titanium
    • Titanium Parts: Clip, Screws, Cap, Tip, Body, Bolt, Bolt Screw
    • Accessories : Roller refill, Stylus mod, O-Ring, Spring
    • Diameter: 10.6 ~ 10.8 mm 
    • Total length: 140 mm
    • Total weight: 32.8 g / 32.5 g
    • Color: Space Grey, Classic Silver, Midnight Black, Black & Gold
    • Optional Accessories: TTi-068 Refill Titanium Extender.
  • TTi-L165 Pen Case
    • Material: Leather (with Titanium ring)
    • Width: 36.0 mm
    • Total length: 183.5 mm
    • Total weight: 12.0 g
    • Number of parts: 2


    • International shipping from China


    • Group buy: Jan 6th – Jan 20th, 2018
    • Estimated ship date: Early Feb 2018