[Group buy] SP DCS Deadbeats

$255.00 USD

SP DCS Deadbeats

designed by Rubrehose and Hello?

Deadbeats - a collaborative project between artisans Rubrehose and Hello?, bring you DCS Deadbeats. Inspired by the Cherry NCR dye-sublimated keycaps, this classic colorway is complimented by soft primary colors and absolutely loaded with symbolism from these two prominent makers.

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        Base & Novelties


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        • Profile: DCS
        • Material: PBT (the Spacebars are in ABS)
        • Legends: Dye-sub
        • designed by Rubrehose and Hello?
        • Manufactured by Signature Plastics in the USA


      • Preorder: Feb.4 - Mar.4 2022
      • Estimated Shipping Time: Q3.2022