[In Stock] Domikey SA Classic Beige ABS Doubleshot Keycap Set


Domikey SA Classic Beige ABS Doubleshot Keycap Set

Brought to you by Domikey, SA Classic Beige is a doubleshot ABS keycap set featuring a vintage warm white-gray color combo with bright yellow accents, classic SA high profile aesthetics, crispy legends, and comprehensive compatibility.

Keys Included

A 159-key Layout.

  • Supports Fullsize, 96, 980, 1800,80%, 75%, 65%60% (FC660, 64, etc...), MX HHKB, ISO 
  • Spacebar support for RAZER and Corsair keyboards.
  • Deep dished F, J, and Numpad 5.
  • Orange Accents

* the current Stepped CapsLock has a CENTERED STEM and is not compatible with Cherry style left-sided switch mount.


This Domikey set will come with a hard cardboard outer box and 3 plastic inner trays to protect and sort the keys nicely.


  • SA Profile, 4-4-3-2-1-1
  • ABS Doubleshot
  • Manufactured by Domikey in China