[Group buy] DSA Milkshake


DSA Milkshake

Designed by biip.

Featuring custom designed legends and 5 different pastel colors, DSA Milkshake is a DSA set with a clean and minimalistic look  yet cute design. 


This page is for Asian, AUS and NZ buyers. If you are from EU, please support our friends at candykeys.com; if you are from NA, head over to support novelkeys.xyz!



Alphas $40
Weirdo Alphas  $40 
TKL $40
Ergo $35
Mono $35 
Forties $26
NorDeUK $25
Numpad $22
RBYP $22
Ortho $20
Specialities $20
Blank Color $12
Fruits $12
Mac OS $6
Spacebars $6
Dots $12



  • DSA Milkshake
  • Profile: DSA
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dyesub and Air Dyesub
  • Packaging: Plastic bags
  • Collaborate with Candykeys and Novelkeys, designed by biip
  • Manufactured by Keyreative in China


  • Group buy: Jul 3rd – Aug 3rd, 2018
  • Estimated ship date: Dec 2018