[In Stock] DSA Peach Air-Dyesub Keyset from Keyreative


Keyreative Peach DSA Air-Dyesub Keyset

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Designed by TeHao, manufactured by Keyreative, the inspiration for this new keyset comes from peaches. Lovely colors and creative icons make it vibrant.




    Main Kits 

     White Alphas

    Yellow Alphas


    Add-on kits 

    Modifiers kit

    Adapter kit #1

    Adapter kit #2

    Minila kit

    Novelties kit

    Ortho modifiers

    Ergo kit

    ISO kit

    ISO color

    40% kit

    1.25u + 2.25u + 2.75u


    6u space

    7u space


    About Keyreative

    Created in December of 2013, Keyreative has been devoted to the design and production of high quality PBT keycaps. Keyreative has crafted various types of keycaps and sets, including laser-etched, dyesubbed, resin, and GID (glow in the dark) keycaps. Keyreative is well known for their extensive design experience, as shown in their multiple varieties of the gradient.



    • DSA Peach Air-Dyesub Keyset from Keyreative
    • Profile: DSA
    • Material: PBT
    • Legends: Air-Dyesub
    • Packaging: Zip bag
    • Manufactured by Keyreative, designed by TeHao
    • Manufactured in China


    • Now in stock
    • Ships within 3 business days