[Group buy] Lingua Franca - Endsvile (Es) Multilingual DSA Dyesub Keysets

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Lingua Franca - Endsvile (Es) Multilingual DSA Dyesub Keysets

Want to add some personality (or rather, nationality) to your keyboards? Look no further! Endsvile multilingual DSA dyesubs will give your boards that special touch. Spare a second glance while you type to admire the beauty of the world's different languages.

Lingua Franca is a set of PBT keycaps from Endsvile, an up-and-coming brand from China. They are made in the DSA profile and use dye sublimated legends. Featuring alphas that come in numerous languages, Es Lingua Franca showcases different alphabets of the world, adding just the right touch of exotic beauty to your keyboard.

Alpha Options:

    English (US)






    Chinese (Traditional)


      Mod kit (58 keys)

      Compatibility kit (25 keys)
      System icons + Win kit (56 keys)


      Novelties kit (24 keys)

          About Endsvile

          Endsvile is an up-and-coming brand for mechanical keyboards and accessories, based in China. It collaborates with numerous manufacturers to bring the best products to the mechanical keyboard community.

          Endsvile dyesub DSA keycaps:

          The keycaps are in the classic DSA profile, the uniformity of the heights allowing for easy swapping across various rows for different combinations and oddball layouts. Made with thin PBT, dyesubbed legends, these keycaps offer a crisp typing experience and strong resistance to wear, shine, and fading.

          DSA profile:

          DSA is the shortest keycap profile for mechanical keyboards, with each key being the same height and concave, save for the convex spacebar. Due to DSA being profile-agnostic, DSA sets usually have high compatibility and easier support for uncommon layouts, like the Filco Minila's 3u spacebar and various 2u modifiers for Ergodoxes and ortholinear layouts.

          DSA profile keycaps are either ABS doubleshot or dyesubbed PBT. Endsvile's Lingua Franca is the latter.

          Keys included

              • English (US) (51 keys)
                • 1u Alpha Key×46, 1u Arrow Key×4, 1.5u "| \”
              • Korean (53 keys)
                • 1u Alpha Key×46, 1u Arrow Key×4, 1.5u "| \”
              • Japanese (54 keys)
                • 1u Alpha Key×46, 1u Arrow Key×4, 1.25u ALT×2, 1.25u WIN, 1.5u "| \"
              • Russian (51 keys)
                • 1u Alpha Key×46, 1u Arrow Key×4, 1.25u CTRL, 1.25u ALT, 1.5u "| \"
              • Arabic (51 keys)
                • 1u Alpha Key×46, 1u Arrow Key×4, 1.5u "| \”
              • Thai (51 keys)
                • 1u Alpha Key×46, 1u Arrow Key×4, 1.5u "| \”
              • Chinese (Traditional) (51 keys)
                • 1u Alpha Key×46, 1u Arrow Key×4, 1.5u "| \”
              • Mod kit (58 keys)
                • Modifiers (15 keys): 1u ESC, 1.25u CTRL×2, 1.25u ALT×2, 1.25u WIN×2, 1.25u MENU, 1.5u Tab, 1.75u CAPS LOCK, 2u BACKSPACE, 2.25u SHIFT, 2.25u ENTER, 2.75u SHIFT, 6.25u spacebar
                • Function row (12 keys): 1u (F1~F12) ×12
                • Home cluster (9 keys): 1u Function key ×9
                • Numpad (20 keys): 1u Number×10, 1u "NUM LOCK", 1u “/”, 1u "*", 1u "-",
                • 6u spacebar x2, one centered, one off-center.
              • Compatibility kit (25 keys)
                • Winkeyless & 1800(15 keys)
                  • 1u CTRL ×2, 1u ALT×2, 1u WIN ×2, 1u MENU, 1u FN, 1.5u CTRL×2, 1.5u ALT ×2, 1.75u SHIFT, 1.75u CAPS LOCK
                • Minila & 660(10 keys)
                  • 1u BACKSPACE, 1u DEL, 1u APP, 1u SHIFT, 1.25u FN ×2, 1.75u CTRL ×1, 2u SHIFT ×1, 2.25u SHIFT ×1, 3u spacebar ×1
                • System icons + Win kit (56 keys)
                  • 1u  ×40
                  • 1u WIN x8, 1.25u WIN x8
                • Novelties kit (24 keys)
                  • 1u Novelties x24
              Note: The 1.25u Novelties set is no longer in production by Endsvile.


                • Endsvile DSA PBT dyesub
                • Profile: DSA
                • Material: PBT
                • Legends: dye sublimated
                • Manufactured and designed by Endsvile
                • Manufactured in China


                • Group buy: Oct 8th - Oct 29th, 2017
                • Estimated ship date: December, 2017