Fox Lab Time 80 - zFrontier Exclusive


“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

– Theodore Roosevelt



They say that time stops for no man. It flows on endlessly, relentlessly, immune to the will of its observers. And society has grown so accustomed to keeping things on time, yet how often do we stop and appreciate time itself? Despite its cold and unrelenting pace, it is fair to all – with every passing second, not a single being in the universe gets a tiny bit more or less than just that – a single second.



How many such seconds have you spent with keyboard in hand, happily clacking away? Perhaps the intricate clockface of Time will serve as a gentle reminder of the time you’ve spent; out of sight, but not out of mind. 

Time is an intricate custom keyboard kit from Fox Lab, a group of Chinese designers focused on making maximizing the potential for design and detail in custom keyboards. Featuring an 18-piece design, Time is the custom keyboard with the most number of parts in existence (so far).



Fox: From an idea in my head to putting pen to paper, countless modifications were made and conversations were had, to create my vision of Time that you see on the screen before you. It wasn’t until the final moment, when I saw the completed board before me, that I truly felt like I knew what it’s like when people chase after their vision of perfection, the ever-elusive “endgame”. I feel incredibly blessed, after all the hours spent, to be able to bring Time to life. 

Perhaps someone will ask, “why spend all that effort on designing the back?” To us, good design embodies the whole, and even a single detail amiss or unfinished is a tremendous tragedy. To pour our heart and soul into every detail, is to show our gratitude for the support of everyone who is and will be involved in making Time a reality. Even though the design is not emblazoned on the front for the world to see, the heart takes solace in knowing that it is there; like the concept of time, it remains unseen, but is no less valued because of it.



Product Description

  • Fox Lab - Time custom aluminum keyboard
  • Material: 6063 Aluminum 
  • Manufacturing: CNC machined / anodized


Color options for case

  • Crystal blue
  • Platinum gray
  • Opera red
  • Moonlit silver
  • Emerald green
  • Charcoal black


Color options for weight/logo plate/switch plate

  • Rose pink
  • Moonlit silver
  • Sand gold


Standard kit

  • Top and bottom half of the case
  • Aluminum weight
  • Logo plate
  • Switch plate
  • PCB


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