[Group buy] Fr87 Custom Mechanical Keyboard by Elemento


Fr87 by Elemento

Fr87 is an innovative custom keyboard designed by Elemento, a group of talented California based designers.

Elegant and modern, Fr87 is designed to be the centerpiece of your desk. Enabled by either USB-C or Bluetooth connection, Fr87 is perfect for any typing scenarios. This beauty also utilizes a half-plate design which is only implemented in a few premium custom keyboards for a unique typing experience. Two RGBW LED ambient light strips are placed on the sides of the keyboard which will not only highlight the cutting edges of the bottom case but also work as indication lights. 


All you can ask for...

Fr87 features everything you need for a premium and modern keyboard.
  • Bluetooth / USB-C dual connection
  • Half plate or full plate
  • WKL and WK layout
  • ANSI and ISO support
  • RGBW side ambient LED strips
  • RGB per-key blacklighting
  • Unique serial number on the bottom


Product Description

  • Elemento - Fr87 custom Bluetooth mechanical keyboard
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • WKL or WK support
  • ANSI and ISO support
  • Manufacturing: CNC machined / anodized


Color options for case

  • Speed Silver
  • Cool Gray
  • Dark Black
  • Tactical Blue

Options for Plate

  • Speed Silver - Aluminum
  • Cool Gray - Aluminum
  • Dark Black - Aluminum
  • Tactical Blue - Aluminum
  • Gold - PVD Brass

Options for weight

  • Gray - Aluminum
  • Black - Aluminum
  • Gold - PVD Brass
  • American Black Walnut


Kit includes

  • Top and bottom half of the case
  • Weight
  • Plate
  • PCB

Extra Components (buy here)

  • Extra PCB
  • Extra Plate (Half or Full)
    • Extra Aluminum Plate (Speed Silver, Cool Gray, Dark Black, Tactical Blue)
    • Extra PVD Brass Plate
  • Extra Weight
    • Extra Gray Aluminum Weight
    • Extra Black Aluminum Weight
    • Extra Gold PVD Brass Weight
    • Extra American Black Walnut Weight



  • Group buy: Feb 18th - March 17th, 2018
  • Estimated ship date:  July, 2018
  • Free shipping 



Due to the specific nature of this group buy (and at Elemento's request), all orders are final and non-refundable once placed.