[Group buy] Extra Components for Fr87 by Elemento


Extra components for Fr87 Custom Mechanical Keyboard by Elemento


Product Description

Extra components for Fr87 by Elemento.


Extra Components (only available after purchase of a Fr87 kit)

  • Extra PCB (Bluetooth, USB-C, SMD in-switch RGB LEDs)
  • Extra Plate (Half or Full)
    • Extra Aluminum Plate (Speed Silver, Cool Gray, Dark Black, Tactical Blue)
    • Extra PVD Brass Plate
  • Extra Weight
    • Extra Gray Aluminum Weight
    • Extra Black Aluminum Weight
    • Extra Gold PVD Brass Weight
    • Extra American Black Walnut Weight



  • Group buy: Feb 18th - March 17th, 2018
  • Estimated ship date:  July, 2018
  • Ship with Fr87 custom mechanical keyboard kit



ONLY AVAILABLE AFTER PURCHASE OF A Fr87 KIT. Orders purchasing Extra Components without a Fr87 kit will be canceled.

Due to the specific nature of this group buy (and at Elemento's request), all orders are final and non-refundable once placed.