[Group buy] F&T 1916 Upgrade and Extra Components


F&T 1916 Upgrade and Extra Components

Simple yet timeless.

Heavy and smooth.

This is the F&T 1916.

* This page is for F&T 1916 Upgrade and Extra Components, for the F&T 1916 kit, CLICK HERE

Product Description

  • Extra PCB
  • Upgrade Aluminum Insert to Brass Weight (You will only receive the Electroplate Brass weight with your Kit)
    • Extra Brass Weights (You will receive an Aluminum insert and an Electroplated Brass weight)
    • Extra Aluminum Plate


    • Group buy: Jul 9th - Jul 23th
    • Estimated ship date:  Nov, 2018

    Shipping details

    • Shipping not included in pricing due to specific nature of this group buy
    • Shipping fee will be invoiced separately after group buy