[Group buy] grid 650 modules

$35.00 USD

grid 650 modules

Extra modules for grid 650.

For the main keyboard kit and components, click here.

Timeframe and shipping

  • GB window: Dec.10, 2020 - Jan. 17, 2021
  • Estimated shipping time: May, 2021
  • Shipping cost calcuted at checkout
  • Will ship with DHL Express (1-3 day delivery to most major cities, may take longer for some areas)



  • This is a group buy. We will accept orders during the GB window and submit them to the manufacturer. And then, the items will be made to order. Once all the order is fulfilled by the manufacturers, we will begin sorting and shipping the item out to you. This mean that by committing to this GB you will have to wait for several months before the item is shipped to you
  • This is NOT a full keyboard. You will need to purchase the grid 650 keyboard kit, stabilizers, key switches, and keycaps to complete the build
  • Using BATTERY PROTECTION BYPASS will void your warranty


Colors and materials

  • Modules: Black, Navy, Purple, Teal, Maroon, Rose, and Silver

  • Most metal parts are made of T6061 aluminum; fine glass bead-blasted then anodized
  • The pen holder part on module 01S CLASSIC-S features a polished, high shine, PVD stainless steel part

Module dimensions

  • 305 x 37 x 14mm or 12 x 1.46 x 0.55 inch
  • A base 3D file for module DIY will be released after GB



Classic pen holder milled from aluminum with fine blasted and anodized finish

Classic pen holder upgraded with a polished PVD stainless steel stopper


Tri-color tritium self-illuminated vials for a clean and retro look in dark

3D geometries inspired by form of mountains

RGB light strip
  • 14 built-in light effects, 13 color selection, 2 brightness level
  • Atmel 32U4 MCU
  • Two buttons with Cherry DG2 microswitches and supported leaf spring structure
  • 40 ARGB LED
  • Programmable, Catalina Bootloader
  • NOT COMPATIBLE WITH included 18650 battery holder
  • Battery DIY cables included
  • Average power consumption is 400 - 700mA@5V

    05 PRESS
    4-key macro extension with raised structure to recreate the old-school Cherry R0 profile

    06 WAVE
    An organic shape inspired by ocean waves

    07 ARRAY
    A vintage LED display
    • Displays current time, computer hardware info (windows only), custom texts
    • Atmel 32U4 MCU
    • CR1220 battery holder (battery not included) for on-board RTC (real time clock) chip
    • Two buttons with extra individual leaf springs
    • Programmable, Catalina Bootloader
    • source program will be available
    • Can display 16 words or symbol, including “!\"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;?ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_”
    • Compatible with included 18650 battery holder.
    • Average power consumption is 150mA@5V

      08V LINEARS-V
      Vertical grooves

      08H LINEARS-H
      Horizontal grooves

      09 STAND
      A phone stand design
      • The surface that contacts your device will be Thorp, a suede fabric similar
        to Alcantara
      • Grove opening at 185mm or 7.28 inch
      • Grove width can be adjusted from 7.5 to 12mm or 0.3 to 0.47 inch
      • The angle to the desktop is 62°

          Packaging includes

          • grid 650 module
          • Manual (only for 04 FLASH, 05 PRESS, 07 ARRAY, 09 STAND)
          • PCB (only for 04 FLASH, 05 PRESS, 07 ARRAY)
          • Accessory kit for assembly