[Made to order] Custom Aventurine Wrist Rests from GemNerd

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Custom Aventurine Wrist Rests from GemNerd

Aventurine is a form of quartz, its name derived from the italian term "a ventura", meaning "by chance". Not so a ventura, aventurine wrist rests are now available, exclusively from zFrontier.

Not jaded, are you?

Aventurine is primarily found in India and the Xinjiang province of China. It is characterized by a peculiar shimmering effect called aventurescence, named after aventurine itself due to the peculiarity of the glow. Popular as a jewelry material that strongly resembles jade but without costing several thousand dollars per ounce, Aventurine is now available to become another staple on your desk, exuding the classy Asian flair that jade brings at a fraction of the cost.

The use of aventurine dates back to numerous dynastics of ancient China. It was used to adorn the castles with stamps, holders, decorations, religious symbols, and now are more commonly used to make necklaces and bracelets.


The aventurine wrist rests use large pieces of the material which are relatively rare, and both the pruning and manufacturing process are all done manually, with 20-some hours necessary for refining each wrist rest, ensuring that the product is up-to-par from start to finish.

Color options

Emerald green

Sapphire blue

Free Custom Engraving

Now GemNerd offers free custom engraving service only for users from en.zFrontier.com! Get your purchase Aventurine Wrist Rest engraved with your personal inscription to make each piece truly unique!  


Every aventurine wrist rest will come with a custom-engraved aventurine stamp, cut from the same rock as the wrist rest itself. A simple design, up to four Chinese character or English letters may be engraved.


  • Aventurine sourced from the mountains of Xinjiang's Altay Prefecture
  • Colors: emerald green, sapphire blue
  • Polish luster: vitreous to greasy
  • Transparency: opaque to semi-translucent
  • Dimensions (within 0.5cm):
    • 60%: 29cm long, 8cm wide, 2cm thick
    • 80%: 36cm long, 8cm wide, 2cm thick
  • Weight
    • 60%: about 1kg
    • 80%: about 1.3kg
  • Premium storage box


  • The custom product will be shipped from China within 30 days
  • It takes 8-14 days to arrive after being shipped