[In Stock] GMK Dots

GMK Dots

Designed by biip. 

Started as an April Fool's joke, GMK Dots rapidly gain traction form the mechanical keyboard community. And it's now turning into reality. 

Dots is clean and minimalistic, yet very bold keycap set - all legends are replaced with doubleshot dots and lines in various colors that represents different keys and functions.


RAMA x Dots Artisans

Aluminum E-White with Gloss Enamel Infill


PVD Brass



    • GMK Dots
    • Made in Germany
    • Doubleshot ABS
    • Cherry Profile


    • RAMA x Dots Artisans
    • Aluminum / Brass
    • Cherry R1 profile
    • MX compatible


     Timeframe & Shipping

    • In stock and ready to ship
    • Ships within 3 business days
    • Free international shipping for orders over $100