[Group Buy] GMK Fro.yo

GMK Fro.yo Fronzen Yogurt


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Designed by The_Royal

A Clean, Creamy, And Fresh Keycap Set.
Inspired by A Love for A Soft, Frozen-Dairy Treat.

The Soft And Cool center-stage Alphas , surrounded by Bright and Bold Modifier Legend Accents, make this set perfect for those that like simpler, more classic color-ways, but also enjoy standing out, just a little bit from the rest.

This, Is

GMK Fro.Yo

*check the slides for higher resolution!
Base - Shoppe Kit
40's - Junior Kit
Num-blocks - Cashier Kit
Spacebar / Intl - Sprinkles Kit


    • GMK Fro.yo
    • Made in Germany
    • Doubleshot ABS
    • Cherry Profile


     Timeframe & Shipping

    • GB: Aug.14.2019 - Sep.9.2019
    • Expected shipping in Feb.2020
    • Free international shipping for orders over $100