[Group buy] GMK Greek Beige Add-on Kit


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GMK Greek Beige Add-on Kit

Designed by LightningXI, this 16 keycap alphas add-on kit comes with the classic beige colorway to be compatible with lots of sets. Alphas are L9 with the legends being CR.

This set is produced by GMK with doubleshot ABS.

Keys included:

  • R2 Q, W, R, U, P
  • R3 S, D, F (Homing Dish), G, J (Homing Dish), L, :;, F (Homing Bar), J (Homing Bar)
  • R4 C, V


  • Groupbuy: Oct.15.2019 - Nov.15.2019
  • Estimated Shipping Time: Apr.2020