[Group buy] GMK Metro Alert - zFrontier Exclusive


GMK Metro Alert - zFrontier Exclusive

Introducing GMK Metro Alert, a keyset inspired by the eye-catching elements found on warning signs. The bright yellow of GE1 stands in stark contrast to the black CR, resulting in a simple yet striking combination. Watch out, where Metro Alert is, it takes center stage.

Designed by shower_king

Note: The Windows key was replaced with Code to better suit users who want to keep their keyboards OS-agnostic.

Pricing: The Group Buy price for GMK Metro Alert is $179. Upon reaching MOQ (250 sets across all official zFrontier sales channels), the price will drop to $165, in which case refunds will be issued via your original payment method.


R1 novelties recreate the traditional warning and radioactive signs clad in black and yellow. The OS keys feature a striped lock in the same colors, in line with the Metro Alert theme.

Backspace and Enter have also been replaced by WARNING and DOWNLOAD, respectively.

Keys included (152 keys total)

 Base kit (124 keys)
  • ANSI 104
    • Alpha base color: CR, Alpha legend color: GE1
    • Modifier base color: GE1, Modifier legend color: CR
    • * Replace win8 logo with Code (Text)
  • R1:
    • 1u "zF” logo, “~ `”, “←”
    • 1.5u “| \”, “HHKB Backspace”(icon)
  • R3:
    • 1u F bar, J bar
    • 1.75u Stepped Caps, 1.75u Control
  • R4:
    • 1u Code ×2(Text), 1u Fn
    • 1.5u Ctrl×2, 1.5u Alt ×2
    • 1.75u Shift
    • 2u Shift
    • 2.25u Shift
    • 7u Spacebar
Novelties (8 keys)
  • R1:
    • 1u “Toxic” logo
    • 1u “Radioactive” logo
  • R3:
    • 2.25u “Download” logo
  • R4:
    • 1u “Lock” logo ×2,
    • 1.25u “Lock” logo ×2
  • R1:
    • 2u “Warning” logo
Additional keys (20 keys)
  • 1800
    • R1:
      • 1u Delete
      • 1u End 
      • 1u PgDn
    • R2: 
      • 1u “-”
    • R3:
      • 1u"+"
    • R4: 
      • 1u Alt×2
      • 1u Ctrl×2
      • 1u Menu
      • 6u Spacebar
      • 1u "0, Ins"
  • 75%
    • R2:
      • 1u PgUp
    • R3:
      • 1u PgDn
    • R4:
      • 1u End
  • ISO
    • R3:
      • 1u"~#"
      • 1u "@.",
    • R4:
      • 1u "|\"
    • R3:
      • ISO Enter
    • R4:
      • 1.25u Shift


The keysets will be packed and shipped in GMK's new trays and packaging to prevent damage during transit. 

About GMK

GMK electronic design GmbH, better known simply as GMK, is a German electronics company specializing in the production of mechanical keyboards and custom peripherals. Having acquired Cherry Corp's original doubleshot ABS tooling, GMK now produces high quality doubleshot ABS keycaps for mechanical keyboard communities worldwide. Famous for their satisfying thock, smooth texture, and lasting designs, GMK keysets are doubtlessly one of the best choices for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts everywhere.


  • Cherry profile
  • High quality 1.5mm doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Designed by shower_king
  • Manufactured by GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Made in Germany


  • Group buy: April 30th - May 20th, 2017
  • Estimated ship date: Aug 2017