[Group buy] GMK Mizu


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GMK Mizu

Designed by Rensuya.

GMK Mizu's inspiration comes from the water nation in the animated series "The Legend of Korra" & "Avatar: the last Airbender". The colors worn by the water nation and Avatar Korra are reflected in this keycap set. The novelties pay homage to both shows. The name Mizu is water in Japanese 水.


RAMA x Mizu Artisans

Aluminum E-White + Navy Enamel Fill

Aluminum Anodizing + Glow Enamel Fill



    • GMK Mizu
    • Made in Germany
    • Doubleshot ABS
    • Cherry Profile


    • RAMA x Mizu
    • CNC Aluminum
    • Cherry Profile, R1


  • Groupbuy: Apr.29.2019 - May.29.2019
  • Estimated Shipping Time: Oct. 2019