[Sold out] GMK Ocean Dolch - zFrontier Exclusive


GMK Ocean Dolch - zFrontier Exclusive


Designed by Mama & Hoq

From designers, Mama & Hoq:

      "When we mentioned Dolch keycaps, enthusiasts immediately think of the Dolch PAC 486-25 computer keyboard, with its iconic light grey alpha zone (CC) and dark grey adapter zone (N9) . The original Dolch keyset style has been extremely popular with mechanical keyboard lovers, especially double-shot keycap fans. "
  "In this new Ocean Dolch keyset,  we inverse the color of classic Dolch, making alphas in dark grey (N9), modifiers in light grey (CC), and legends in cyan (TU2). Ocean themed novelties are also included in the set. "
      "To ensure compatibility with both mainstream and customized keyboards, this keyset includes numerous add-on keys. It not only supports 68, 75, 96, but also Cherry 1800 series and ISO layout. The Ocean Dolch is a continuation of the classic Dolch keycaps. Another classic on the way!"



Keys included

Base kit (104 keys)
  • ANSI 104 keys
  • Scooped F/J homing keys
Add-ons kit (40 keys)
  • Support ANSI 60/68/87/75/96/104, WKL and ISO layout
  • Support Cherry 1800, HHKB and FC660M
Novelty keys(3 keys) 


    The keysets will be packed and shipped in GMK's new trays and packaging to prevent damage during transit. 


    About GMK

    GMK electronic design GmbH, better known simply as GMK, is a German electronics company specializing in the production of mechanical keyboards and custom peripherals. Having acquired Cherry Corp's original doubleshot ABS tooling, GMK now produces high quality doubleshot ABS keycaps for mechanical keyboard communities worldwide. Famous for their satisfying thock, smooth texture, and lasting designs, GMK keysets are doubtlessly one of the best choices for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts everywhere.


      • Cherry profile
      • High quality 1.5mm doubleshot ABS plastic
      • Designed by Mama & Hoq
      • Manufactured by GMK electronic design GmbH
      • Made in Germany

      Shipping Information

      • In stock, ships within 3 business days from China
      • Tracking information will be provided once shipped