[Group buy] GMK Phantom Add-ons


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GMK Phantom Add-ons

Custom cables and keyboard sleeves made to match GMK Phantom.




  • Sleeves
    • 60%, 65% $30
    • 75%, TKL $35


  • Cables
    • 1.0m  $21
    • 1.5m  $23
    • 2.0m  $26
    • available in micro, mini, and type-C. type C +$1


Cables and sleeves each have an MOQ of 10.

If GMK Phantom does not hit MOQ then these will not be produced.

These will ship alongside GMK Phantom. (Contact support to refund extra shipping if you have separate orders for GMK Phantom and these add-ons)

Made by mykeyboard.eu



  • Groupbuy: May.27.2018 - June.1.2018
  • Estimated Shipping Time: Nov.2018