[In Stock] GMK TA 90


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Made possible by Dr.Dick and his beloved NiB Triumph Adler G81-3011HAD.

GMK Triumph Adler was the first ever GMK set with custom colors. Disregard the final colors not being a perfect match to the original Triumph Adler set, it was a legendary keycap set. 


For the love of vintage keycaps, Dr.Dick dives into collecting rare and precious vintage keyboards. Here, he brings out his beloved Triumph Adler G81-3011HAD, and decides to recreate these beautiful keycaps.

TA 90 will be color matched with the original keycaps from the Triumph Adler G81-3011HAD to bring this beauty back in the game.

Icon Mods
R0 Number Kit
NorDe kit


    •  Made in Germany
    •  Doubleshot ABS