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GMK Yugo

GB extended til Dec.31,2019

designed by the YugoMK Community

GMK Yugo is a community project of the YugoMK community form by a group of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts fromthe Balkans / ex-Yugoslavia.
The Yugo, is a small, unassuming hatchback, and perhaps the worst road vehicles of all time. However, it is something special to the people who grew up form the ex-Yugoslavia.
GMK Yugo takes its colors from the Yugo GV "Sport" edition, which features the classic vintage sun-faded yellow and crimson, orange and brown accents from the iconic strip of a GV "Sport".


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  • Sun-faded Yellow: RAL 095 90 20
  • Crimson: RAL 030 30 45
  • Orange: RAL 050 50 60
  • Brown: RAL 040 20 19


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  • Yugo 45 Base kit
  • A base kit tailored to fit the needs of the community. It offers TKL coverage for YU ISO, YU ANSI and physical ANSI, while also supporting most other popular layouts: HHKB, 60%, 65%, 66-key, 75%, etc.

  • Yugo 55 kit
    A numpad kit that includes compatibility for 1800, CP, 96-key and full-size boards, plus a few extra keys to support less conventional layouts.

  • Capitalism Kit
    An add-on kit for US ANSI and UK ISO support plus some extra keys.

  • Cabrio Kit
    This kit has all your split and accented spacebar necessities. Three of the spacebars have been pimped out with the signature orange–red–brown stripe of the Yugo GV Sport. This stripe will be UV printed on the front of the caps by GMK, giving you that retro SPORT look while not sacrificing durability.
    A 2u space and extra B are also included for ergo boards.

  • Zastava Kit
  • Zastava kit is a YU Cyrillic kit — the first of its kind for GMK, and the first ever non-Russian Cyrillic kit in any custom keycap set!
    The kit covers several variants of the Serbian Cyrillic layout (ISO, ANSI, split backspace), as well as offering basic support for Macedonian.


    Yugo Artisan by Salvun

    An aluminum artisan cap made by Salvun. The cap is cerakoted with enamel infill. It gets its distinctive shape from the classic Yugo hood badge and logo.

    Yugo Deskmat



  • Free Shipping for orders over 100USD


    The keysets will be packed and shipped in GMK's new trays and packaging to prevent damage during transit. 


    About GMK

    GMK electronic design GmbH, better known simply as GMK, is a German electronics company specializing in the production of mechanical keyboards and custom peripherals. Having acquired Cherry Corp's original doubleshot ABS tooling, GMK now produces high quality doubleshot ABS keycaps for mechanical keyboard communities worldwide. Famous for their satisfying thock, smooth texture, and lasting designs, GMK keysets are doubtlessly one of the best choices for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts everywhere.



    • Cherry profile
    • High quality 1.5mm doubleshot ABS plastic
    • Designed by the YugoMK Community: ADRO3, audiosl4ve, darko, Emir, konstantin (constexpr), spakecdk, and more!
    • Manufactured by GMK electronic design GmbH
    • Made in Germany



  • Preorder: Nov.04.2019 - Dec.31.2019
  • Estimated Shipping Time: May.2020