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GMK Zhuyin

Designed by HoodrowThrillson. 

GMK Zhuyin is the first ever GMK Cherry profile keycaps with doubleshot Zhuyin sublegends!

Zhuyin (BoPoMoFo/Mandarin Phonetic Symbols) is the official transliteration system of Taiwan.
Zhuyin utilizes phonetics rather than the romanization of characters (IE: Pinyin).
Although Mainland China uses Pinyin, Zhuyin is still heavy used in Taiwan.
Now there's an age old discussion of which is better, Pinyin vs Zhuyin (the answer is either).

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    Kits updated, added homing bar F, J and Enter.

    Black on White

    White on Black


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  • Groupbuy: Feb.3.2020 - Mar.1.2020
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