[Group Buy] HB85 by Gray Studio Extra Components


Extra Components for HB85 by Gray Studio

Inspired by SONY's HitBit series computers, HB85 is an interesting looking custom mechanical keyboard designed by Gray Studio, the team that brought you the beloved COD67. 

Click here for HB85

Extra Plates

  • Extra Full Aluminum Plate (7 colors available)
  • Extra Half Aluminum Plate (7 colors available)
  • Extra Full Carbon Fiber Plate
  • Extra Half Carbon Fiber Plate





Extra PCB

  • Bootmapper
  • ANSI and ISO support, Split left and right Shift support, Split Backspace support, Split 0 support
  • 5 RGB underglow LED for the nametag on the top left
  • 3 LED indicators support (LED required)
  • Mini-USB Port

Extra Stickers


    • Group buy: Oct. 20th – Nov. 4th, 2018
    • Estimated ship date: Dec 2018 or Jan 2019


    • Shipping not included
    • Shipping fee will be collected when units are ready to ship
    • Invoice will be sent via email
    • Please purchase with the HB85 to avoid extra shipping charged