Top cover modules for grid 600


Top cover modules and Blockers for grid 600

grid 600 is a GH60 mechanical keyboard chassis featuring a 5.5° fixed angle, a battery compartment for potential wireless setup, high grit bead-blasted aluminum parts, and interchangeable cover modules.

* This page is for Top cover modules for grid 600, not all colors are available due to the nature of being an in stock product.

* Please purchase this product with the grid 600 to avoid extra shipping charge

* Your order will be canceled if you do not have a purchase history for a group buy / in stock grid 600 chassis.

Product Description

  • Type 01 “CLASSIC” : A regular “Model F”-inspired flat top with pen holder feature


  • Type 02 “NEON” : Type 01 with 3 self-luminous tritium vials. (Red, Green, Blue)


  • Type 03 “PEAKS” : Form inspired by mountains


  • Type 04 “FLASH” : Flat top with programmable RGB lighting and control buttoms


  • Type 05 “PRESS” : With 4 extra programmable keys, QMK compatible



Product Description

  • Top cover modules for grid 600
  • Material: Aluminum, Nylon

Colors for aluminum top cover modules

  • Black
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink



    Extra top cover  modules and blockers

    • Top cover of your choice (including PCB if you opt for the "Flash" or "Press")
    • WKL blockers with washers* (available in Black or White, 1u *2)
      • HHKB blockers with washers* (available in Black or White, 1.5u *2 and 2.5u *1)

      * Washers are for securing the blockers on and insulating the blockers from the PCB.



      • Group buy: Aug 7th - Aug 31th
      • Estimated ship date:  Dec, 2018


      Shipping details

      • Ship with the grid 600
      • Ships worldwide
      • Ship by DHL