[Group buy] ALF X2 60%


ALF X2 is a 60% keyboard inspired by the beloved HHKB keyboards and seeks to add more functionalities to the board. ALF X2 has been run within China by team ALF few months ago and it was a successful run. 


ALF X2 parts

- Top case (normal 60% w/o blocked corners or HHKB style w/ symmetrical blocked corners)
- Bottom case
- Stainless steel plate: 2.25u left shift (normal 60%) or 2u left shift w/ arrow cluster
- Front nameplate (mount by screws)
- “ALF” logo Brass weight (4 pcs)
- PC diffuser
- Microswitch Aluminum button*2
- M2 hex screws and allen wrench


PCB features

- QMK support
- 3 USB 2.0 ports (X2 can work as a passive USB hub)
- Presoldered with 2 programmable Cherry microswitches
- Multiple layout support


Color Options

4 different colors (Silver white, Black, Titanium, Red) are available and you could choose the colors separately for the top and bottom case.

Micro-Arc Oxidation White is also available for the cases but will charge extra fee for handling. Micro-Arc Oxidizing only the top or bottom case will charge the same as micro-arc oxidizing both cases.
Microswitch Buttons and nameplate can choose from Red, Silver and Black.




  • ALF X2 60%
  • Designed by ALF
  • Manufactured in China


  • Group buy: Nov 21th – Dec 12th, 2017
  • Estimated ship date: Apr 2018