[In Stock and Pre Order] grid 650 chassis

$400.00 USD

grid 650 chassis

Limited stock!

The grid 650 chassis stocks (without module) to go with the all new CYCLE and CYCLE+ARRAY modules and lightspeed compatible PCBs.

The stock units come with QMK BLE V2 solderable or hotswap, or Lightspeed compatible PCB.


  • This product is NOT a full keyboard. You will need a module for the grid 650 and other assembly parts (switches, stabilizers, and keycaps) to build this keyboard
  • You could purchase the new Cycle or Array + Cycle modules here
  • You could pair this chassis with your modules from the previous gird 650 GB
  • ONLY QMK BLE V2 boards are in stock
  • If you are ordering this item with other pre order grid 650 parts (the lightspeed PCB or the new modules), your order will be delayed untill all other parts are available
  • If you want us to thip this item to you first, please do not include any pre order/group buy items in the order.


QMK BLE V2 PCB Update Features
  • Atmel 32U4 chip in VQFN package
  • Mill-max socket compatible with solderable PCB
  • Same secondary battery connector as our Lightspeed-compatible PCB (battery protection bypassed)

 Options and variants

  • Chassis option:
    - Anodized Black WK
    - Anodized Black WKL
    - E-Coated White WK
  • PCB variants:
    - QMK BLE V2 hotswap (WK only); 
    - QMK BLE V2 solderable; 
    - Lightspeed compatible Hotswap WK (pre order, ships in June);
    - Lightspeed compatible Hotswap WKL (pre order, ships in June)
  • Plate options:
    - 1.5mm aluminium plate
    - 1.5mm PC plate


    Shipping Info

    • In stock items: ships within 5 business days
    • Pre order items: ships in June, 2022
    • Shipping calculated at check out
    • Please DO NOT purchase this item with other grid products if you want to receive the signal port early. Since other grid products are pre-order items, if you purchased this along with pre-order parts, your chassis order will be delayed and ship when all parts are available.