[In Stock] JTK Suited Assassin - Tripleshot Cyrillic


JTK Suited Assassin

designed by Rifen

JTK Suited Assassin is a design inspired by the professional murderer who would mow down anyone who gets into his way. This JTK set uses a clean and subdued color scheme to recreate the image of a calm and collected yet violent killer with clean and procedural methods.




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    Doubleshot legend Alphas

    Tripleshot Cyrillic Alphas
    For people who want more spice

    Themed design with 2 mysterious 2.25u Enter designs
    Spacebars - Gold
    1u *2, 1.25u, 1.75u, 2u, 2.25u, 2.75u, 3u, 6u Space keys
    Spacebars - Dark
    1u *2, 1.25u, 1.75u, 2u, 2.25u, 2.75u, 3u, 6u Space keys



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    • ISO / ANSI layout (60% / 80% / 100%)
    • Cherry G80-3000, 3494
    • Leopold FC660M / 980M
    • WinKeyLess layout
    • 1800 WinKeyLess layout
    • Customized 60% / 75% / 80% / 100% layouts
    • HHKB layout (Duck Viper / Eagle) 
    • Split Spacebar support with Spacebars kit



      • Designed by Rifen
      • Cherry profile
      • High quality 1.5mm doubleshot and tripleshot ABS plastic
      • Packaging: sorting trays
      • Manufactured by JTK
      • Made in China



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