[In Stock] LeleLab x PointWorks SuperX Splinter Keycap Sets

$56.99 USD

LeleLab x PointWorks SuperX Splinter

by LeleLab and PointWorks

LeleLab Crystal series evolved. The SuperX line brings you an all new level of clarity.

A clash of modern legend designs and vintage transparent aesthetics.



Variants / Colors

Black & Orange

Clear & White


    • Clear ABS
    • Cherry Profile
    • Sorting tray + custom outer box
    • UV Printed: 132 keys, with white UV printed legends

    Layout Support

    Black & Orange

    Clear & White


    Shipping Info

    • Ships from China
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    • Items will ship within 5 business days
    • The outer PP box is very fragile and might get damaged during transit and have visible stress marks. We will try our best to mitigate this but we cannot guarantee a perfect outer box. Damage to the outer PP box is not eligible for return,  replacement, or refund. But any damage to the keys we will be responsible of.